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Terezín has a peculiar atmosphere which may easily remain unnoticed by those who come by bus, flick through the expositions, grab something to eat and leave tongue-tied. We invite you to plunge below the surface. We invite you for a walk through forgotten places that are breathing out history, though stories that make you hold your breath, under the guidance of boys who lived here during the war.
In February 1943, the section Rambles around Terezín started to come out in VEDEM. The chief editor Petr Ginz, and later also other boys from Heim 1, visited various corners of the ghetto, talked to its staff and inhabitants and wrote reports about them, often accompanied by drawings. They managed to sneak into the most incredible places. An entirely authentic guide through the ghetto was created, even more interesting by having been written from the fresh and often funny perspective of children.
The following interactive map locates the texts from VEDEM onto the sites where they took place. Apart from classic reports, you will also find accounts of events and memories, which we managed to localize. Individual references will be extended and filled in as time goes by. The introductory texts, presenting the respective buildings and places in the ghetto, are borrowed from a book by Ludmila Chládková, M.A. The Ghetto of Terezín (Prague: Ráj, 2005).

We wish you a pleasant journey and an open and courageous heart.