The ''Southern hill'' where since 1943, a sports area was established open to children and adults.


The ramparts, the playing fields of Terezín. When I first came to the ramparts, the socalled playing field was a sad sight. It was a piece of lumpy ground where a group of youngsters were working to level it. Since then much time has passed. One day a rumor made the rounds of the school that we were going to rehearse a play to celebrate the opening of the ramparts; and hardly had thís rumor gone through L 417, when another came: there would be an assembly* of all young people on the ramparts, where the playing field would be ceremonially handed over.
Full of curiosity, I went to have a look at the ramparts, and was met with the sight of a lovely playing field with two goals. It was the work of our comrades, who did it not only for us, but for the entire population of Terezín. What I have described here is only a small illustration of the fact that when the grown-ups say that the young people in Terezín only learn to steal, they are very wrong indeed. They are certainly learning one thing here: to appreciate physical labor.

Švejk (Hanuš Kominík)


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