Welcome to a site composed mainly of texts which had been secretly published by 13- and 16-year-old boys in the VEDEM magazine between years 1942 and 1944 in the Terezín ghetto. You will learn not only about their everyday life, their anxieties, problems and ways they entertained themselves, but you'll be able to tour the entire Terezín through their eyes. The project was initiated by students and teachers of Přírodní škola, Holocaust survivors and their friends with the support of National Monument of Terezín. It should not only be regarded as a tribute to the victims and their courage, but also a way to hand the baton to the next generation so as to continue the task they hadn't been able to finish.

In the Long Live Republic  Škid section, you can familiarize yourself with life in Heim 1—the home of boys from VEDEM magazine—the behind-the-scenes of the magazine's publishing process and the children's self-governing system . In the Rambles Through Terezín section, you'll find the already mentioned Terezín spots described in the texts from VEDEM. The interactive maps and photographs should facilitate your orientation. The literary works of the boys from Heim 1 feature a poetry and short stories section as well as a number of quizzes and riddles in the quizz section, all of which had been written by the boys in the 1940s. Additionally, you'll find various games and tasks created for Terezin's visitors by the students of Přírodní škola.

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According to the Nuremberg Nazi law, in the year 1944 when I was 14 years old, my parents had to turn me in to the Nazi authorities who imprisoned me in Terezin. Until the age of 14 I was exempt from the transports due to the fact that my mother was not of a Jewish origin and therefore my blood was "mixed". All other acts of persecution and prohibitions relating to Jews were valid for us too, the "mishlings" (half-caste). As my brother Petr was two years older than myself, he was transported to the concentration camp two years before me.

I met him in Terezin just for a brief time and I could, even if just for a limited extent, to observe the intensity of his activities. Even in the very harsh conditions in Terezin, he was the editor of Vedem magazine, he wrote and painted and he wanted to make sure that the spirit of creative and positive attitude would not be destroyed as long as the body was still alive.

Sixty six years later, not 14 years old anymore but eighty, I opened the web pages of your Prirodni school. It was for me a happy moment. I saw that you understood what was the real purpose of the striving of these boys, and that you realized that the struggle between good and bad and between oppression and freedom has been always continuing. By devoting yourselves to that topic and identifying with those who created Vedem, most of whom did not survive, you are fulfilling a very important mission. It is even more than talking or writing articles, it is the most important thing: You set yourselves up as a model to others.

Chava Pressburger  (sister of Petr Ginz)

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