In a former brewery, the disinfecting station, showers, and the laundry were established. In a part, prisoners were housed.


Work in Terezín is impeded by the fact that there are insufficient tools. But against all expectation, considering that there is a war on, there is more building material inside the
ghetto than outside. And since there is sufficient material, many large construction works are under way. One of them is the district heating system. I should like to give you a brief report on this matter.
The central boíler room is ín the brewery. Of two boilers, only one is so far in operation. The second will be ready in a month. The boilers are fired up day and night. There are three shifts of stokers. In the course of twenty-four hours, 80 to 100 metric units of coal dust are burnt. Coal dust can be used thanks to a forced air system that drives air under the thick grate. From the boilers, the steam goes to a distributor, and from there it goes toward the Kavalír barracks. There is a branch pipeline to the disinfection baths, to the Central Bath and to the delousing bath. In the kitchen the high-pressure steam (8 atm, 60 degrees C) is reduced to low pressure (0.4 atm) and from there into boilers that release only water, retaining the steam. From the boilers the condensation flows into a reservoir, where it is pumped into the underground shafts beneath the brewery. From L 408, the condensation flows underground back into the brewery. Now steam heating is also under construction in the Reitschule. In the brewery boiler room there is a water softening installation, because otherwise sediment would form in the boiler due to the hard water.
That is the end of my report. I hope you have understood everything.

- Bear Brady (George Brady)