This space was kept in the shape of a park. Later, during ''beautification'', a children's pavilion and other children's installations were estabilished here.


Not far from Vrchlabí, I took a walk today with Cumel. Suddenly, a typically Terezín and truly horrible scene appeared to me. An old man and a pitiful old woman stood before me. And all of a sudden! The lady sighed, shook all over and closed her eyes. The old man, like a true Samaritan, immediately rushed over and, to my horror, started to rub the old woman’s back. After a moment the old granddame opened her eyes and walked away with a bowed, swinging gait. Stunned, I watched her, for I thought it was an epileptic fit. The woman saw my gaze and smiled at me in an acceptably sweet way. She croaked in a rooster’s voice: A flea bit me on the back and me old man scratched me.

The Academy